About Poverty Pets

Poverty Pets is a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit organization.
Tax ID# 35-2353686

Poverty Pets provides financial assistance to low income
owners, mainly the elderly, widows/widowers of domestic
animals who are in need of veterinary care.

Many times animals are put down or suffer needlessly
because their owners cannot afford life saving medical
treatment. Owners must often make the difficult choice to
put an animal down or surrender them to a local shelter
because of the costs involved with treatment.

Poverty Pets will benefit our communities in significant
ways. First and foremost, thousands of pets  and their
owners will be spared unnecessary suffering and pets will
get to
remain in their forever family. Secondly, Poverty
Pets will become a  significant resource for animal care
assistance, easing the overpopulation of animals who end
up in shelters each year. It is also the goal of Poverty Pets
to help ease the overwhelming amount of euthanasia
performed unnecessarily.

Poverty Pets is a Vegetarian non-profit organization

You can reach us at (202) 248-8866


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