Poverty Pets was created to assist
Families and Pets
Before the shelter!
(We are located in Washington,DC)
The purpose of Poverty Pets is to provide temporary
financial assistance to owners of domestic animals who are
in need of veterinary care. Our long term goal is to work
towards a future where a life or death decision in not made
for a companion animal based on lack of finances.

Our goal is to keep as many family
pets out of the animal shelters
unnecessarily as possible.
We treat every owner with respect
and dignity.
Poverty Pets                                                                     

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We support our local Washington DC animal shelters
but unfortunately an owner must give up all ownership if
they need assistance, Poverty Pets keeps owner
and companion animal together.

What We Do.
Euthanasia is a reality in Shelter Life. Euthanasia is a humane
tool used to end the life of an animal with dignity. Poverty Pets
will do everything possible to make sure the family dog, cat or
bird does not end up in the local shelter with a possibility of
being mechanized unnecessarily because their owner is unable
to provide veterinary care.

Make a Donation in Honor/Memory of
someone special!
Donations in the form of check, Stocks, cash or money
order can be made via U.S. Mail @
Poverty Pets
P. O. Box 60076,
Washington D.C. 20039

We also accept credit card via this website, Any amount
would be appreciated and all donations are tax-deductible.